Environmental Services

  • Environmental Impact Assessments (E.I.A)
  • Environmental Management Programs, (E.M.P)
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Environmental Monitoring and Mapping
  • Environmental Control Officer services
  • Rehabilitation
  • Wetland mapping and evaluation
  • Water Management
  • Environmental project management

Environmental Information Services

  • Development of environmental information services, particularly Geographic Information Services, for the monitoring, assessment and management of all environmental, conservation, or fire related issues.
  • Development of databases for Conservation planning.
  • Development of databases for Integrated Development Planning.
  • Development of databases for the preliminary assessment of EIA’s.
  • Development of databases to assist in the reporting on the State of the Environment.


The primary goals of the company are:

  • To provide a complete (one stop) environmental service to clients requiring such work.
  • To establish Environmental Management Systems (E.M.S), conduct Environmental Impact Assessments (E.I.A) and establish Environmental Management Plans (E.M.P) according to National and International standards.
  • To ensure the implementation of environmental recommendations for the sound ecological management of ecosystems through active project management.
  • To undertake conservation and tourism planning and implementation with a focus on sustainable development and natural resource protection.
  • To actively manage programs and projects associated with wildlife and environmental management.
  • To establish and provide environmental information systems, particularly Geographic Information Systems, for the management of environmental and conservation issues.
  • To develop and provide specialised information systems to assist in the management of environmental and conservation related issues.
  • To undertake environmental, conservation, and tourism mapping, spatial analysis and planning.
  • To address environmental awareness training and social issues.