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Department of Water Affairs

Department of environmental affairs

Rhapsody Grey Water System
Rhapsody’s grey water irrigation system is a popular water conservation product.

Centre for Environmental Rights
The Centre for Environmental Rights is a non-profit organisation established in October 2009 by eight prominent civil society organisations (CSOs) in South Africa’s environmental and environmental justice sector to provide legal and related support to environmental CSOs and communities. Its mission is to advance environmental rights in South Africa, and its vision is to facilitate civil society participation in environmental governance that is stronger, more streamlined, and better legally and scientifically equipped.

Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa
WESSA (the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa) is a truly South African non-government organisation (NGO) with a proud history in our country. Next year we will be celebrating our 85th birthday – that is, 85 years of proactive engagement with the challenges and opportunities presented by South Africa’s unique natural heritage and the social and economic systems that depend on it.

Endangered Wildlife Trust
The Endangered Wildlife Trust was established in 1973 and is registered as a Non-profit Organisation