Suricata logoSuricata Environmental Consulting is a South African registered company, established in 2002 to fill the need for an all-encompassing environmental consulting service. Suricata was developed by the late Sampson Boateng (MSc Botany), Butch Rossouw and managing director Ms Mette Rossaak (B.Sc – environmental biology; B.Sc Hons – Botany and registered EAP), where  ownership reflected the cultural integration of the company within the Southern African market. Following the passing of Mr Boateng in 2017, Ms Rossaak is now the sole member and manages the company.

Suricata believes in environmentally sustainable development, and is therefore committed to finding creative “win-win” solutions to development and environmental management challenges. Its pool of environmental scientists and technical specialists place it in a position where it can offer practical, implementable solutions to environmental issues. Suricata believes that these solutions should be environmentally sustainable, financially feasible and socially acceptable, never compromising the needs of local communities and society in general.

Suricata Environmental Consulting is based in White River, Mpumalanga and has carried out projects in Mpumalanga, Limpopo, North West, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape and Gauteng.

Understanding whether you need an EIA or not – or perhaps a management plan or policy – is often confusing. The legislation is sometimes difficult to interpret, and it changes often enough. We understand – we have been working with environmental and water legislation since the late 1990’s and are ready to help. Contact us. After a discussion with you to better understand you requirements, we will put together a solution to fit your needs (and usually with value added components).

If you are wanting an environmental impact assessment (EIA), EIA help or wish to speak to an environmental assessment practitioner, please contact us here.